How it works


Welcome to the Bitcoin Mining Market. what we provide is a marketplace for the purchase and sale of bitcoin mining contracts. For those interested in obtaining bitcoin or learning about bitcoin, purchasing a bitcoin mining contract is one of the least expensive and safest methods of entry! If you already own bitcoin mining hardware bitcoin mining market is one of the best ways to help monetize your equipment and reduce your overhead.. simply sell off a portion of your mining time for cash here at bitcoin mining market.

How it works

purchasing a bitcoin mining contract here at the market is very simple!

Step 1: Join a Bitcoin mining pool or any Cryptocurrency pool you wish to mine. (Litecoin,PPC,Doge)

Step 2: Once you have joined a pool log in to the pool you just joined and create a WORKER (make sure you save your worker name correctly and create and remember the worker password if necessary..not all pools require a worker password)

Step 3: Browse the listings here at and find a contract that suits your needs.. contracts range from as little as 1 hour to as long as a week. Once you purchase a Bitcoin mining contract provide the pool URL (web address), worker name and worker password during checkout and your done! Watch the Bitcoin roll in.

***please note buyers when your purchased contract has been delivered please mark it complete so sellers can be paid quickly.. and leaving feedback is very helpful to all in the community.

If you own Bitcoin mining hardware a great way to help recoup the investment or assist in getting more equipment is selling a portion of your mining time. selling Bitcoin mining contracts is a lucrative way to make cash from all of that hard work and time you have put in. Sell your Bitcoin mining contracts here at and pay lower fee’s than any other site!

what to do


Step 1 – List your mining contract by speed (Gh/s) time offered in contract, and price.

Step 2 – Point your miner to contract purchasers pool for agreed upon amount of time.

Step 3 – Once you have completed the mining contract mark as shipped.. when purchaser marks contract accepted your sale is complete!

Transaction charge for sellers 10% (less than any other platform to sell bitcoin mining contracts on!)
Funds available in your account for on site purchases once buyer marks mining completed.
.90 cents minimum account balance to withdraw. withdrawal of funds available after 7 days of receipt.